Top Healthy Snack To Our Free Time


You are going to see so many dangerous that you could find on some snacks that your children always buy. You could imagine how it is when they are keeping consuming it for such a long time. They are going to be easily get any disease because of their food. Since I was kid my mother always prevent me to buy some snacks and as the result she always make me many good of them which I can still remember from now. She proof me that having a great snack not needed to buy it.

Well, I still remember it very well on what is my dad always does on its weekend. He always ends up of turning of its top pellet smoker and start to cook some of our foods.  That thing is turned to be really good since we are having so much fun.  At that time, my mother does not really recommend me to eat much meat because of the cholesterol issue. I guess it is pretty true since it is going to be bad for my health. At the end, she ends up giving me snacks which are pretty good to taste. If you still do not know what kind of snack that you should give to your children, then why not reading of this article.

Peanut Butter Energy

This snack is actually pretty good when you prepare it before your children are going to school. They would get so much energy just from eat this one.  You do not need to worry they are not going to like it because this one is very tasty.  Making it is also very simple and you just have needed some peanut butter, chocolate chips, oats and some other of ingredients. Basically it’s easy to be made and taste really good.

Baker Sugar Snap Peas

The main reason why children do not like vegetables is because of the taste. It is really hard to make them eat vegetables because of this reason. This cake could be your best alternative to add some veggies nutrition for your children.  They are going to love it because of its sweet taste.

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Do not bothering yourself of making banana chips all of the time because it would make your child gets bored with it. Then, why not trying apple chips as the other alternative, here we just simply make the apple chips that we always do and then add some cinnamon to make it better. I guess they are going to love it very much.

Ice Pops

Who does not like an ice cream?  I think most people love it including the old people.  You can just simply buy any ice pop, but making them by your own is always better since you know everything you put in there.    You could go with any fruit that you want for this case, but you can try using some of oranges to get some Vitamin C for your children.  The main ingredient for this thing is only would be milk and yogurt.  Just make sure to prepare a good box if you decide to give it as the school snack.

Grilled Cheese

There so much solution for making a great snack.  You dot have to use any normal ingredient to make it happen and you can use cheese to make it great.  Cheese are containing such a great amount fiber if you use the entire of it as your main ingredient.  There are not too many good alternatives like this one if we talk about fiber here.  Make your children healthy with this food.

Pop Corn

This snack is really good to be provided on their free time or during their school break. Imagine how good it is when you are watching the TV while ate popcorn. I am pretty sure it would be such a nice experience.  What makes it better is the ingredient which is easy to find.  One thing that you can do to make it better is providing some amount of topping and it would taste really that good.

Final Thought

There are so many unique things that you could on provide good nutrition for your children. Do not always force them to eat some unhealthy snack or food. Why not spending your little time by preparing some healthy snack, it is better to eat our own food because we are the one who made it and we also know what kind of ingredient that we put there.  Kids would also get used to eat their own food rather than buying it. It would be good not only for their health, but you also could save more from it. The whole process is easy to do and I am so sure you can make it by your own.


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