Sennheiser CX 300 II – An Affordable Choice For Earbuds

Why should I buy earbud when I could afford a headphone? Yes, you are pretty right, but do you want to use headphone anywhere you go? I guess not and many people would think you as weird. Headphone is pretty much good for listening music since the bass and power is really great. Its not only good for music, but also for gaming. So you get different kinds stuff in one place, but once again headset is not suitable for outside usage because its big and it becomes the center of attention. I ever use it at work and it puts so much shame for my little heart. For outdoor usage I suggest to buy a earbuds and this one could be your top suggestion.

Design And Durability

The design is quite good and at least it does not look cheaply made. The product might be considered as cheap, but the design is looking pretty well with the combination between white and black colors. There is nothing wrong with it and I would give 5 stars if they do the same thing with the durability. The first thing that I checked here is the cable because I have so many earbuds and they are having the same problems where the sound is only coming from one side. It is because the cable itself is not good and I always throw it to my back not carefully. I have tested this one for couple weeks of test and it seems really good. The cable is still well without any damage. Then like what I said before, I will give five stars for this case.

Sound Performance

There is nothing wrong and great thing to expect here since the performance is pretty decent. I don’t say it’s bad because the clarity of sounds is clear and I love the bass. But one thing that you should know here is the power. The power is weak even though I put it on the highest level. All of other stuff is working well and I might have solution by adjusting its equalizer. At last, I did not have any complain since the price is cheap. This one can be your best luck if you need earbuds with cheap price and decent performance. The company really put their effort to bring it affordable and it’s greatly made by them.


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