The Best Apps For Customizing Windows


Sometimes we really feel that we really have to customize our windows for some reasons. I personally do not really the like the looks on what Microsoft brings here. I guess that is the most obvious reason why they are doing such a very long time on testing this window. I always prefer an original looks on older windows because it is much simpler. The main problem now is the company is not providing use the setting to make it backs, but we really have to depend on any third party apps to make it work. I already find some of them and started to test it on my windows and the result is not that bad. The looks are not looks that similar, but at least now I am getting much simpler UI and it feels better. I would put all of the apps that I have tested here because I really know that there are also many people want to do it on their windows. The apps are totally free and I already make sure that all of them are safe to be installed. So, here they are.


Microsoft is being criticize by many users because they are not giving chance to the visual on the start menu on both Windows 8 and 10. I always use Obly Tile, but the app is no longer work, so this is the only app that we could depend. The app work is pretty simple; you could customize the size, color and images of every tile that you want. I personally really love the images customization because we can pick any picture that we like and then put it on our tile. You just have to download the app and then do the customization to your needs. Remember that you need to do some settings on the windows store, bu it is pretty much easy to do.


There are so many great things that we can do here. You could make any visual change that you want on your Windows. The app is specifically made for icon customization, but they also included some other feature. Please, be aware that it might break the setting so always make a backup of your current setting. I have done it once and I forgot to backup of my setting and finally I have to restore it manually one by one. It’s not that tough, but it takes time to fully restore all of the visual setting.


The app is now back with the fully supported for Windows 10. I personally prefer this app than using the normal feature on Windows in creating the dock for all of my apps. Windows already have a task bar that we could use as the shortcut for our favorites apps, but it would take much spaces when you put all of it. it is much easier to use this app because you personally could customize it and we can also move it anywhere we want. We can pin any apps and programs that we want and then change the visual by using many types of skins which are available to be downloaded.


This is probably most people top apps for customizing their Windows because it allows us to make some widgets that you can place on your desktop. The most popular thing here is the skin which is totally fully customizable. There are thousands of themes that we can pick including nature style, movie, anime, or even some unique themes that we never think before. The app is not that big and it also does not eat much RAM, so it’s a good choice for you.


This software is designed to make users easier to access their favorite’s app by adding them on the right or left sides of sidebar. You could drag any app or games to the sidebar and then you would easily opening one of them without needed to open any specific tabs or back to your desktop. It is fully customizable and there is as a swipe functionality to access every app on different pages and you are also able to choose how your apps are supposed to be. I recommend this app for working more effectively.


Sometimes we need to do something extra to make everything is better. This is also where you have to spend an extra time for customizing your windows. Good editing laptop or PC should be easier to customize because it would make us stay longer in the front of them. You could pick any of those apps and then try it by your own to know which one is better on my system. The app is totally free from any virus or dangerous thing, so don’t worry.

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