Platinum Wireless headset – An Expensive Product From Sony

platinum headset

For such a long time I never really interest to buy any audio wireless product for some reasons. The main reason is because the price is not going to be too friendly on my pocket and I already have too many of them to keep. The price for this product is always high because why? Because it’s an exclusive thing, there is no other obvious reason for it. Actually I don’t have any interest to review this one, but it would be bad since the store is giving me free to review. So that is why I am going to share my though and experience while using. Is it good for an audiophile or is it good for playing games? Then check this review.

My Thought

When I check out the Amazon, the price is more than 100 dollars for this thing. What? Should this headphone should be this expensive? I opened the box and see how good what people are talking about. The design itself is quite good at the first glance. They really make an amazing work by putting black and white colors on it. There is no color selection BTW, so you have to stick with this color. The style might be good if you don’t really care about design, but there would be more choice if you want something with good look, but with cheaper price. At least, they are really showing their big name by giving us a pretty solid and durable material. I am 100 % sure that it is not going to be easily broken because I already making few tests and everything seem still working well.


There is nothing much to talk about the sounds quality since it’s made by Sony. The sound is not bad, but you will notice many lack things if you are an audiophile. I am not too criticizing, but I found so many drawbacks because of its design. The power is great and not too boomy all over the place. Everything is feeling great especially when you are playing on game. The headset is designed for gamer and that what is the best thing you will get here. This might be not really that good for an audiophile, but its more than enough if you want to listen music rarely during of your gaming session. The lack detail on sound is the only way that makes it bad.

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